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Looking for a way to reduce duplicate record creation resulting from file loads or on-line self-registration? Read on! Learn how the University of Delaware reduced their person hour effort from 200 hours to 1 hour to post a file of 25,000 new prospects. Not only was the time commitment significantly reduced, the University benefitted from more accurate 'Updates' and 'New' posted records. Yet the biggest benefit was finding that the only records in suspense 'awaiting search' were those that were true duplicates. Staff no longer had to do manual search/match to analyze results. It was a win-win for all involved!

How Search/Match was Configured with Exceptional Results at the University of Delaware!

In 2011, SASI Consulting had the opportunity to work with the University of Delaware during a 9.0 Upgrade project. It was determined early on in the project that finding a solution to duplicate record creation would be of value. Through a detailed analysis of delivered Search/Match functionality, SASI Consulting developed an innovative way, to significantly reduce duplicate records as well as increase the probability of true matches, through delivered search/match configuration. Implementing this scheme has resulted in a 200:1 reduction in staff time to review suspense records and post results from purchased, loaded student search files. The same technique applies to ACT, SAT I, and SAT II file loads - as well as any others that you load that trigger search/match functionality. The University of Delaware also adapted these rules to their on-line prospect portal.

All this was done using delivered functionality. In March 2012, this approach was presented at Alliance 2012. Over 100 individuals attended the session, including the developer of the original Search/Match functionality, who acclaimed that this was the best implementation of Search/Match he had yet to see.

Below you will find a link to a re-make of the presentation. Additional information on queries and actual configuration is available upon request.

Search/Match Configuration

Click the link below to download a presentation on Search/Match Configuration

Download Search/Match Configuration

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