SASI Consulting is focused on providing exceptional service to improve productivity and engage staff in maximizing the value of technology investments.

Areas of Expertise

Below is a listing of our areas of expertise:

  • Focused Expertise in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions – Campus Community & Admissions
  • Communications, Checklists and Comments including 3C Engine, Comm Gen and BI Publisher
  • Admissions Configuration - full lifecyle
  • Transfer Credit Rule build 
  • Academic Advisement
  • Queries - including Drilling URLs, WorkCentre Content References, Population Selection
  • WorkCenters for Admissions - Navigation Collections of Links to Pages and Queries
  • Pivot Grids
  • Related Content - Pages and Drilling URL Queries
  • Common Attribute Framework
  • Admissions Evaluation - using delivered or comprehensive bolt-on solutions
  • Deficiency/Make-Up Courses via modifications that create student individualized plans

Our Methodology

SASI Consulting’s Methodology represents the logical chronology of steps necessary to successfully move clients from current systems and processes to new, more effective ones. This is done by:

  • developing an understanding of current processes and desired outcomes;
  • educating the client on what the system can do and how it can be configured to achieve different outcomes.

While some methodologies might group configuration as one step; queries as another; and batch processes as a final step with overlapping activities enduring the entire project, SASI Consulting finds it more effective - primarily for client understanding and learning, to create start to finish tasks within each business process.

For example, we start with the admissions missing requirement letter. We identify all of the program action reasons that need to be tracked to trigger various messages, processes or letter content. We define the checklist items that are requried for that letter. We then build the queries to target the populations to receive those letters, we build the letters, we test the letters, we create the batch schedule as appropriate to automate the assignment of those letters. We then capture all of our business decisions and configuration for that process; build any business process maps; and move on to the next process... perhaps making admissions decisions. This allows the client to learn the general start-to-finish activities and then re-apply them for each required business process. Early on in the process, the client starts to learn about queries, batch process and run controls, cause-and-effect configuration, and can see what a full start-to-finish process looks like. As we progress through each process, skills are enhanced, dots are connected, the client becomes more self-sufficient.


At SASI Consulting, we want to provide you with a venue to list issues you'd like information on; keep track of important links, documents and current topics; and see innovative approaches to configuration that can assist you with implementation or post-production management of your PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application. While we don't profess to know it all, but what we do know, we're happy to share with you!

Case Studies

For every problem that a client may encounter, SASI Consulting has a solution. We make sure that our clients end up with positive results.

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